This video was made at the Raw Film Festival in Los Angeles 08. David is in, he is great!


5 thoughts on “Media

  1. Sorry for this very late response! Iv’e been quite busy! After I was shot – having lost all the blood in the body – luckily it was replaced quickly, after having a near death experience. Then two more operations to try & alleviate a nasty chest infection from the bullet entering. I was led by grace to Dr. of Chiropractic Stanley Bass in Brooklyn NY. He told me if I wanted to live & recuperate I needed to stop all drugs & eat only simple Raw Organic Vegetarian Fare.
    After three months I had more energy then ever & my body was healing from the inside out!

    Thirteen years later I was on a bus in India with many other students and my spiritual Master Sant Thakar Singh.
    The person sitting next to me asked me if I wanted to read something about rawfoods which was being recommended by our teacher. He told me also the doctor that wrote this article was a student of our Master’s Master Kirpal Singh. To my Surprise this doctor was the same person I was led to thirteen years before when I was in dire need of proper guidance & help. I realized when I saw the name of the doctor it was the Master Power above that came to rescue me back then through this student of the Master & the rawfood diet!

  2. I love hearing stories of people’s recovery with raw foods. I am disappointed when they fail to mention who “brought them to the water” i.e. David Kaplan’s mention of a chiropractor with no name yet he states Herbert Shelton’s teachings. I would like to see more acknowledgement of the catalysts of change…those who made it possible for the paradigm to shift.

  3. Hello David,

    Wow, I watched the video!! Very informative and impressive. Hmmmm, I had no idea.



    PS – See you later today!!!

  4. Hi David: Today my mate and I had the raw cacao goji brittle bar–and are happy to tell you its the best choc. bar we have ever had! I am of course inspired by these people in this video and will share after having chronic digestive issues for yrs. and feeling like only meat protein would ground me and also being vatta-pitta and thinking cooked warm soupy foods to be best I had to find relief so I am finding Health Force Vita Minerals and Earth powders, chia seed with water, chlorella, drinking several ounces of fresh urine in the morn. and more raw is making me feel “Oh my God–this is working!” The reason I am writing you is you appear to be a predominant vata type as well and we are not supposed to do so well on a raw diet. In the past raw made me feel like I was not getting what I need but after deeper intestinal cleansing and eating the algae etc. something is shifting. Any feedback you can give me on this? Thank you for your time.

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