Mission Statement:

We are passionate to provide you always with the Best of the Best.
Our health products are cutting edge and up to date.
Our ingredients are the finest on the market, not only organic but the best quality of organic, not only tasty but excellent, and our nuts and berries are in cold storage, vacuum sealed and you can be sure to get fresh hand packed products. Nothing is sitting in long waiting shelves …

We offer a tasty and high value superior quality, which can go beyond organic, might be either wild-crafted or premium quality. Very often we do our own lab-testing for each crop.
Each product and service shall support your optimal health and wellbeing.

We have experienced the health and healing power of of a raw vegan lifestyle paired with yoga, meditation and positive thoughts.

Quality Standards:

Most of our products are organically grown, harvested and certified organic. We also offer a few products which are transitional, means, organically grown and harvested though waiting to receive final certification.
Our products are certified Kosher.
All our products are 100% natural and do not contain any colorings, additives or preservatives. Also all our products are GMO’s free.
Our products are not irradiated — when we ship out we make sure that the carrier like UPS, Fedex etc. will not irradiate the product either.
Our wholefoods and superfoods are raw and never processed over 115 degree F.

Our Facility:

We are located in Marin County, California. Our facility is a vegan facility where no dairy, grains, wheat, soy, eggs or peanuts are processed. We process tree nuts. We are proud that we can offer hand packed products without packing machines, that may add metal residues or solvents into the product. If we do not store in our facility, some products are in cold storage and vacuum sealed; all orders are shipped within a few days and the products you purchase have not been more than a few days in their bag. As fresh and tasty as it can get!


7 thoughts on “About DIVINE ORGANICS

  1. Yes, I was wondering if you still carry “Tocos plus, super food supplement”? As vitamin E in it?
    Thanks so much.

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