3 Apricot Elixirs


Luscious sweet ripe Apricots and Hazelnut milk are the base of the 3 elixirs. Fresh apricots are true longevity superfoods, loaded with Vitamin A, C, Magnesium, Copper, Iron and antioxidants. Pure sun-energy, highly nutritious and natural sweet – combined with superfoods which work in synergy to enhance their powers and benefits: foods become elixirs.

  • 8 oz Hazelnut milk (made from soaked raw DIVINE ORGANICS Turkish Hazelnuts, or substitute with Almond Milk if not available)
  • 2-3 ripe soft fresh apricots
  • 1 TBSP DIVINE ORGANICS raw Maca Powder
  • small piece (1/2 inch) of raw fresh Tumeric root
  • 1 TBSP Sweetener of your choice (DIVINE ORGANICS Agave Nectar, Coconut Sugar, optional)
  • pinch of Himalayan Salt (optional)
  • pinch of DIVINE ORGANICS Tahitian Vanilla (optional)

Prepare Hazelnut Milk (soak raw Hazelnuts for 4-6 hours and blend with filtered water, 1 part of nuts to 4 parts of water). Add all ingredients in a Vitamix and blend creamy.


TurmericRootDivine Organics Gojiberriesweb-goji-elixir

  • prepare the base recipe as discribed above and add 2-3 TBSP of soaked DIVINE ORGANICS organic Gojiberries

(if you don’t have time for soaking, it is better you grind first the dry Gojiberries in your Vitamix and add 2 TBSP of the fine sticky Goji-powder to the smoothie). This smoothie is rich, nutritious and very creamy. Delicious when served on ice.

Pile of baby spinachApricot11spinach-elixir

  • prepare the recipe as above, add Gojiberries, blend creamy and add 1 handful of organic fresh spinach leaves, blend.

Hazelnuts, Maca, Goji, Tumeric and Spinach are highly beneficial and empower each other synergisticly.



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