10 Benefits of Cherries


I am munching on fresh cherries right now and spontaneously used the moment to share with you why they are so good — especially during the hot summer-days.

Cherries are sweet, fragrant, refreshing, tart and can be snacked fresh or as a high oxidant rich superfood juice. Dried cherries are mostly tart and you might add a sweetener. Cherries are also delicious in cakes, pies, muffins and jam. In this post i want to talk about fresh cherry power.

    Because of their tart quality, cherries quench the thirst and replenish energy when you need hydration. In Chinese Medicine doctors would recommend cherry juice and tart fruit-teas in a hot humid climate, when the body needs to add fluids and nurture at the same time. Often we do not really feel that the body craves water, when the humidity is high; then the sweetness and tart of cherries can replenish energy and refuel at the same time. Suggestion: Climates similar to Florida and hot humid summer days all over the country will benefit of the quality of cherries.
    Delicious orchard fresh fruits burst of energy and are rich in antioxidants, as you probably suspect. Cherries contain two powerful compounds, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids. Both are related to relieve and prevent inflammation such in arthritis and gout.
    Two important flavonoids are queritrin and iso-queritrin. Both help to eliminate oxidative stress and help to repair cell damage. Scientific research has linked them also to slowing down the aging process…. what we all like to hear, right?
    Ellagic acid is a natural occurring plant compound which has shown in research to be a very effective way to prevent cancer. Ellagic acid working in synergy with Perillyl Alcohol (POH) is related to stop the growth of cancer cells (go to links below)
    Maybe the pharma industry is not fond about this benefit, but cherries help reduce migraines and work very similar to ibuprofen. I think it is worth a try.
    This is my personal favorite: Melatonin. I was always aware of the calming and satisfying energy of cherries since childhood. Cherries can increase melatonin levels in blood and improve relation and sleep. Women with PMS or in Menopause will honor this benefit. And of course, everybody who experiences high stress levels during the day: why not substitute a heavy lunch for a bowl of cherries and get the relaxed alert state which is so good for business and yourself. Munch before starting a yoga session, during or after a bicycle ride (juice), afternoon snack at the pool, perfect snack for the Friday afternoon rush hour (yeah, it works!)
    I nearly forgot about it, but cherries are an excellent brain food and help in the prevention of memory loss :-)
  8. AND MORE…
    Cherries are low glycemic and high in vitamin A , also rich in Vitamin C,E, Magnesium, Iron, Folate and Fiber.
    Low glycemic and fiber rich Cherry aids weight loss. Cherries are refreshing but will not slow down digestion like other cooling fruits. A handful of cherries satisfy hunger and cravings and are excellent for weight control.
    Take a handful cherries and pair them with fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in  a bowl. Cut a banana for extra hunger. This power blast is not to beat by any imported, dried or powdered superfood.

When summer, give priority to fresh and juicy tree ripened fruits, like cherries, they will make you smile… relax… and sleep well.

ImageWell, well, … i had some raw young coconut yoghurt made and the cherries are super delish with it. Just made the picture for you guys :)


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