Detoxification with Spirulina – Fluoride in Drinking water and Tooth Paste


toothpasteIt started in the 1940’s, when over eager scientists, doctors and politicians selected a chemical element which would affect the population over generations: FLUORIDE. Since then FLUORIDE has been considered the panacea for caries prophylaxis.

People who had knowledge in chemistry, might have asked, how could this happen, when it was a fact that fluoride has been known to be a dangerous poison. Actually above the toxicity of lead, and has been generally treated with security measurements in laboratories. And now we see that the same substance is added to our table salt, toothpaste as Sodium Fluoride, supplements, insecticides, rat poison, and last but not least tap water— good for human consumption!?


It must be emphasized that there has never been any medical proof that fluoride would help in caries prevention. Several field studies in the U.S., Canada and New Zealand have shown that in areas without fluoridation of drinking water there was even less tooth decay.

The human body needs about 2-3 g of the trace mineral; however, there are no reports of a deficiency, because the daily food supplies enough fluoride to maintain healthy levels. Under no circumstances, is there any evidence for the necessity of a ‘forced medication’ in drinking water, as it is executed in the USA, Canada or parts of Great Britain.

The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) states clearly in their website:

What are fluoride’s health effects?
Excessive exposure to fluoride over time is well known to cause
a painful bone disease (skeletal fluorosis), and has also been linked to other chronic ailments including bone fragility, glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, arthritis, dental fluorosis, thyroid disease, and possibly cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. Infants are particularly suseptable to the effects of floride’s toxicity.

I see here a conflict, do you?

Fluoride-free toothpaste may be purchased in many of the same stores where toothpaste with fluoride is sold, though in a different section, however if in doubt, visit the health food store, and get suggestions.


Much harder to escape is the forced medication of fluoride, when it comes to table salt, as you know, you will find it in 99% of foods, and sometimes well hidden in huge quantities. There you might find nutrition facts about salt content, yet, it does not tell you the fluoride content, and there is virtually no way to control the dosage. New studies have shown in Europe that most people take fluoride far above toxicity levels. The consequences are devastating.


Fluorine is highly carcinogenic; it reinforces osteoporosis, and even more alarming is the effect on the human brain: Slowly but surely, Fluoride changes the chemical balance in the brain. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, but based on the fact that about 60 psychotropic drugs contain fluorine as an active or even main ingredient of the recipe. (Rohypnol, Diazepam (Valium), Flunitrazepam) are just a few.

In addition to the quieting effect, it still causes other side effects such as low blood pressure, memory problems, dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, oliguria and gastrointestinal disorders, and classical CFIDS symptoms.

Much more alarming is that fluoride is also an important component of neuroleptic drugs used for the treatment of psychoses, with sometimes-catastrophic side effects. An example is Stelazine (marketed in the U.S. by the company SmithKline Beecham. Its active ingredient is Trifluoperazine HCl, and it is mainly used in patients with psychosis and severe anxiety disorders). The side effects have been reported to trigger different forms of dyskinesia, Parkinson’s symptoms, or permanently altered states of consciousness, muscle stiffness, heart rhythm problems, etc. 


aluminiumFluoride is a waste product – produced in large quantities when aluminum is produced. And instead of dealing with safety measures and toxic standards, it is quietly sold to the the cosmetic and food industries, a very elegant way of disposal.


You might have guessed, when you read the header, but one of the best detox superfoods is Spirulina when it comes to Fluoride, I love it so much, that it gets my number 1 vote. Go to our website: click here

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