The Light in our Foods – part 2

Looking back at the evolution of our planet, light is in principle the oldest and most important food of the world. Nothing would have ever developed, no atmosphere, no one single cell, no plants and no animals, without assimilating light.

imagesPlants found a simple and direct way: with help of their leaf pigment chlorophyll they developed a procedure, in order to produce sugar from carbon dioxide of air and water using light. Plants nourish themselves from light. They take up energy and order condition from light particles (photons), which they integrate into their organism, building up own order conditions of their bodies again and again.

Since quantum physics, we started to accept that order and disorder, structure and chaos are equally valued choices, for some people scary and unpredictable, for some people magic, however, they are choices any living cell or entity can make after interacting and communicating with its environment.

These choices have to be stored somewhere: Looking from a different angle, light as electromagnetic wave – is a perfect medium to be stored in water, crystals, microchips … up to the DNA.

DNA-CuerpoFrom the characteristic form of this giant molecule – a wound double helix – the DNA represents an ideal electromagnetic antenna. On one hand it is elongated and thus a blade antenna, which can take up very well electrical pulses. On the other hand, seen from above it has form of a ring and thus is a very good magnetical antenna.

What happens to the electromagnetic energy, which the DNA takes up? It is stored quite easily inside it, bringing the molecule – simplified spoken – into oscillation. Physically we call such a system a harmonic oscillator. Computer chips work in a similar yet more primitive way to store data. Nature had invented  everything, as we see, already billions of years ago.

We humans carry in each cell of our body a technical high speed equipment: a microchip with approximately 3 Gigabits storage capability, which takes up electromagnetic information from the environment, stores it and emits it.

wavelength-nmThe technical data of the DNA as oscillator antenna are quickly determined. We know that the molecule would be – stretched out – about two meters long. Thus it has a natural frequency of 150 megahertz. Again a remarkable number, because this frequency is exactly in the range our human radar -, for telecommunications and microwave engineering. We use exactly the same frequency range for communication and detection purposes. A coincidence?

In addition the DNA may store all harmonic waves of 150 megahertz too, thus of course also visible light. The 22th octave of 150 megahertz lies straight in this range. The color of this light radiation is by the way blue. Is it a coincidence that the solar radiation is broken by the terrestrial atmosphere just in such a way that we live in a world with blue sky? Or – is it coincidence that surveys showed that “blue” is the best color rated in the internet to portrait “communication”?


DNA and communication

Independent of the biochemical function as a protein producer the DNA is a complex electronic biological chip that interacts with its environment through language, as latest research from Russia found out….. continue reading here.

We inherit the choices of our parents, grandparents and ancestors embedded in our DNA. Don’t fool yourself: obesity is not a fatal gene, some of your family members before you worked on it! And you can reverse it and do good for the generations to come….. Think about it, how powerful our choices really are.

People all over the planet have amazing results when adding life food into the diet or switch completely to a 100% raw food diet, in any case: we choose if we add life and living energy or if we don’t. Whatever we choose, light is stored in our cells, we can ignore it, embrace it or go with the current…..

The subject: LIGHT is so vast, we have only scratched the surface. Light will always remind us of our source, far beyond physical existence. And we call each other spiritual, religious or label ourselves simply open-minded, we will be guided to the light, because it is within a living cell, hidden in front of our eyes all the road of our evolution.

The light in our foods, part 1


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