3 Heart Healthy Nutmilks

Nuts = Energy food!

Nuts, in general, are an energy rich addition to your diet providing a good source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and fiber. The fats they contain are recognized to prevent heart disease and to protect good HDL cholesterol levels.

By nature, nuts will endure a long winter or hibernation time before sprouting, therefore the secret is to unlock their life spark and nutrition before consumption. Soaking overnight and/or sprouting will be a vital step, and most of the nuts we use, will “wake up” and unlock their energy during this process.

General rule: soak your nuts!
Nuts you DO NOT need to soak: brazil nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, pili nuts, pistachios.

How much nuts should we eat?

Young Woman Eating Nuts

Nuts are super-rich and heavy louden with nutrients and fat, they are not supposed to take more than a few percent in our diet, a handful is enough! or: a good alternative which goes very well with our lifestyle is to prepare nut milks.

3 Heart Healthy Nut Milks:

We posted 3 heart healthy delicious nutmilks on our website, check it out HERE.

Pili Nut Power-milk:
Fully equipped with all 8 essential amino acids, 302 mg Magnesium (highest in all nuts), 100 percent of the daily recommended amount of copper and manganese.

Skinny Nut Milk – Creamy Cashews
“Low fat by nature” and natural anti-depressant, (contains Tryptophan)


Queen of Nuts -Supreme Almond Milk
(21g of protein and essential source of Vitamin E)

Diana Stobo prepares Pili Nut Milk HERE

A handful a day!

Nuts are an adornment to a meal or a snack in between. A condiment. They are not meals themselves (unless you are crossing the Alps by foot or you have to hide after a nuclear attack for a while).

I hear stories of people going raw and subsequently going crazy with nuts, eating them ground in pates, raw food cakes with every meal and complain to feel heavy —  I could be mistaken, of course, but on the bigger picture it is more harm than good. Keep it to about a handful (which is between one and two ounces for ladies and 3 to 4 ounces for strong guys, depending on the hand) per day – as a snack or liquefied as a nut milk.




3 thoughts on “3 Heart Healthy Nutmilks

  1. Hi! For the nuts that don’t need soaking – does this mean they don’t have enzyme inhibitors and are easily digested as they are? Thanks for clarifying!

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