Low glycemic Index Diet goes raw!


A Harvard study found that a low-glycemic diet was the best of popular diets at both maintaining metabolism during weight loss and maintaining cardiovascular health.

What is a log glycemic diet — and what are low glycemic foods anyway?

The diet, which is also known as the glycemic index diet, emphasizes unprocessed foods, complex carbs and food combining.

To understand the low-glycemic diet, one needs to understand the way that carbohydrates affect blood sugar — and that not all carbs are created equal. Foods that are broken down quickly into glucose get a high score (they are called high glycemic and score 55 and up) and foods that are slow to break down get a low score (under 55, best under 35).

High glycemic foods include highly processed foods. These have in common a lack of fiber, fat and protein, which help moderate the release of sugar (maybe worst: High fructose corn syrup, but also white flour baked goods, beverages, snacks).

The quick release of glucose triggers a hormone response from the brain: we believe we are hungry and crave for more sugars. Suddenly we are tired, suffer lack of energy and have problems to concentrate. Consistently high blood sugar can contribute to insulin resistance, which is associated with conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Low glycemic foods include natural foods which are packed with natural fat, fiber and protein and cause a slow, steady digestion, they keep us satisfied. The goal of the low-glycemic diet is to eat unprocessed, unrefined carbohydrates in combination with healthy proteins and fats, which are easy achieved with a vegan or raw food vegan diet.

Raw food diet – a great possibility for low glycemic index diet

Greens are naturally high in fiber and “intelligently” release glucose; so do seeds, natural grains, raw nuts and moderately sweetened smoothies and snacks.

Superfoods such as raw Coconut Oil, Lucuma Powder, Coconut water, Yacoon Syrup, Dried Mulberries and Spirulina help to satisfy a sweet tooth, but have a low glycemic index.

DIVINE ORGANICS teamed up with raw food chef Diana Stobo and prepared for this month a delicious raw food shortbread cookie made with low glycemic ingredients but packed with energy:  Dried Mulberries, Lucuma, Coconut Oil, Coconut sugar, ….. please visit our website and watch the video. You can also buy the goodies for a real special price. Check it out.


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