10 best superfoods in a health food store

this video is great, it also showcases a few of our products in the beginning of the video.


5 thoughts on “10 best superfoods in a health food store

    1. Hi Jen, great website, we get more and more asked about gluten-free products. Did you know that all our company’s products are gluten-free: this includes our delicious raw nutbutters, raw trail-mixes, and we have of course, highest quality almond flour and mesquite powder (organic and kosher, really good in a gluten-free cuisine ), totally new arrived: Spirulina from the Andes and Coconut products. Please feel free to go to our website and check it out: we are http://www.royalhimalayan.com
      PS: I also like the SunWarrior line, though i do not do a lot of extra protein powder myself.

      1. All of those products sound amazing. Can’t wait to try some of them. Can you give me an outline of what an average day of food is for you? I have been partaking in a high raw vegan diet for a little over a year. So many resources say when you eat this way you can’t overeat. Well I ended up gaining about 10 pounds which gave me a pregnant-like belly. Is it all the fruit, nut butters, avocados and dark chocolate?

        An average day for me is:

        Breakfast: 24 ounce smoothie (1-2 T. coconut oil or 1 small avocado, 3 large handfuls spinach, 2 T. raw cacao, stevia, water and ice). Sometimes my morning smoothie may be a leafy green/frozen fruit combo. Occasionally oatmeal with 2 T. nut butter and a few squares of dark chocolate.

        Lunch: Super large romaine salad with mixed raw veggies topped with a tahini/lemon homemade dressing. A few superfood balls or other nut based raw vegan treat concoction.

        Dinner: Either an extra-large salad with a protein source such as eggs, tempeh or tofu. Sometimes cooked vegan food (tempeh, brown rice, veggies with coconut aminos).

        Snacks: Fruit and 80% dark chocolate

        Thank you for your help!

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