What can i do with RAW Cacao Beans or Nibs?

We often get this questions, here are some suggestions:

If you are using whole beans, simply crunch them between your fingers to loosen and remove the peel. You can use the beans whole or grind them in a spice mill/coffee grinder or food processor. Then add them to smoothies, teas, desserts, raw food bars or any dish that calls for the delicious flavor of chocolate. They are especially good when used in recipes with our vanilla beans. Here are some more detailed suggestions for enjoying the exquisite flavor of cacao:

1. Try eating them straight, a tablespoon at a time. Chew thoroughly and experience the taste extravaganza of raw (or roasted) chocolate.
2. Sprinkle on yogurt, granola, desserts, etc.
3. Make a delicious chocolate shake with dairy or nut milk, coconut oil, a frozen banana, agave nectar, and cacao beans or nibs.
4. Add agave nectar, yacon sweetener, or honey to the raw cacao nibs and chew!
5. Freeze cacao nibs with sweeteners (agave nectar or honey is fantastic). Eat cold.
6. Blend powdered cacao into herbal teas with the Peruvian superfood maca.
7. Add cacao nibs to ice creams for the healthiest chocolate chip ice cream in the world.
8. Create a raw chocolate bar! Blend the following raw ingredients together: cacao, agave nectar, carob powder, maca, coconut oil, and cashews. Pour into a mold and freeze.
9. Grind whole beans or nibs into a powder and combine with coconut oil to make a chocolate sauce. Use in cookies, brownies or other raw or baked desserts. (Check out in our Recipe section)
10. If you have a Champion juicer, you can make unsweetened baker’s chocolate by running the nibs or unpeeled whole beans through it. To make a “liquor” run the powder through the Champion several more times until it separates into powder and liquid.
11. Make a scrumptious chocolate nut fudge. In a food processor or blender, start with your favorite nut (cashews or almonds are particularly good) and add coconut oil, agave nectar or honey, coconut flakes, cacao beans, vanilla, and a pinch of Royal Himalayan salt.


20 thoughts on “What can i do with RAW Cacao Beans or Nibs?

    1. Hello Deb, you can grind Cacao Nibs, what you will get is Cacao Paste, which is a rich wonderful base for smoothies, hot chocolates, etc. Cacao powder has the cacao butter extracted, this is a different process what you cannot do from home. Therefore you will not get “Cacao powder” when you grind up the nibs.

    1. Deborah,
      Unprocessed and unsweetened cacao can aid to your weight loss diet, because you will receive a satisfying experience just by snacking on it plus there are a number of feel-good-ingredients which get into your system.
      If you seriously think to slim down and want to stick to cacao by itself, i would suggest you try cacao tea, which contains only the dried shells, is caffeine free and very satisfying too. Our company does not carry the product, and i could only suggest you google it (suggestion: herbal chocolate tea)
      We carry Javita coffee, which contains herbs which have seriously proven to slim down. If you are interested, please email us directly at bliss@divineorganics.com. Javita products are not on our website right now.

      have a great day, and looking forward hearing from you.

  1. i have a few cacao trees in our backyard, where i harvest cacao fruit. after the beans are extracted, fermented and dried, do i have to roast the beans before grinding? or do i have to grind the beans without roasting? thanks for the info.

    1. We, at Divine Organics, do not roast the beans. We sell raw cacao nibs, powder, butter and paste. The beans are washed, fermented, dried and mechanically broken into nibs (this is also when the think skin comes off) and then more broken into paste. In order to get butter and paste, the nibs are pressed, to extract the oil. This is done on controlled low temperature.

      The traditional way, however, is to ferment, dry and roast the beans. During the roasting process the skin comes off, and afterwords it is ground finely and shaped by hand into balls or flattened. In Venezuela, where i have roasted my own cacao i also learned to add spices and sometimes sweetener.
      Good luck!

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  4. Another great idea is to make a almond milk hot chocolate with them. chop them und throw them in with cinnimon, a tiny bit of almond extract and coconut flakes.

    1. Amanda, you can keep raw cacao beans about a year in the freezer, however, make sure you buy beans from a source where the beans have been kept in cool storage before going on a shelf. Good luck with your recipes!

  5. Raw cacao nibs (or raw cocoa nibs) are absolutely, amazingly delicious. Whether you prefer to call them cacao nibs or cocoa nibs, the bottom line is that they are chocolate at its most pure.you can eat it by itself.Just browse the net for more recipes.

    1. Hello Kimmy, thank you for your response.
      There are a lot of recipes in the web, you are right, and I love to browse and find great inspirational ideas for myself, too. This is the great thing about the web, there are so many great posts and comments.
      Our company is http://www.transitionnutrition.com and you can purchase DIVINE ORGANICS cacao nibs, cacao butter, cacao beans, new: we have the white beans with the pulp around, totally raw and organic, and we also sell delicious cacao powder, varieties from Indonesia, Venezuela and Ecuador. If you have ever tried our nibs or powder or beans you would have the experience that cacao varieties taste different, there is not only one type of cacao, as there is not one type of apples or greens.
      We try to keep our blog at this time more informational — rather than using it for advertising. This is the reason I took off your URL — but would be great if we could link our sites. How about that?
      Aloha, Edith

  6. Dear Sir
    I am working in dry beans cacao waste.
    Please I have many tonnes of dry cacao Nibs and I wants somebody who can help me to use it for different thinks.
    With Best Regards.
    Martin Fotsing.
    +237 96323658

  7. Dear Sir
    I working in dry beans cacao waste.
    Please I have many tonnes of dry cacao Nibs and I wanted somebody who can help me to use it for different think.
    With Best Regards.
    Martin Fotsing.
    +237 96323658

  8. Used to work with a long time raw fooder, (Debbie Merrill). Since then have been puting cacao nibs on a lot of things. My daily soy yogurt is a must. Any suggestions for stomach problems? Hurts a bit and seems like everything is blocked when I try to eat or even drink…..T J D

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